1968-1983 Land Cruiser SureFit Air Conditioning

  • Fly-By-Wire fully electronic servo motor controls with no cables or capillary tube to route.
  • Infinite “just right temperature” air blending
  • Infinite blower fan speed adjustment
  • High volume dehumidified defrost mode
  • Separate high capacity aluminum plate & fin cooling coil
  • Copper/brass CuproBrazeTM parallel flow heater coil
  • Mounts behind the dash
  • New In-dash rotary controls
  • Flat steel firewall cover panel


Complete Kits - SureFit
74080-LTU-A 1973-83 Landcruiser Complete Kit

Evaporator Kits - SureFit
75080-LTZ-A 1973-83 Landcruiser Evaporator Kit




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