Vintage Air Designed SuperFlowTM Micro Tube Condensers
This SuperFlow condenser design was pioneered by Vintage Air to provide leading-edge technology and superior performance with today’s

Horizontal SuperFlow Condensers
Perfect for late-model cars with more grill area.
With male O-ring fittings. Top #8, bottom #6.

(90 degree outlets, 27.75” overall width with fittings and brackets)
Never run a parallel- flow condenser on its side.
The side tanks are designed to be vertical only!
Monster SuperFlow Condenser For Dual Air Or
High-Capacity Systems


Vertical SuperFlow Condensers
The only condenser anywhere designed for street rods that will fit the tight spots and still deliver big condenser performance! Also may fit many other pre-’48 cars)

Hardlines, Side Exit 

Hardlines, Bottom Exit

Remote-Mount Condenser and Fan Kit
Allows you to install A/C in your car when there is no room to mount a condenser in front of your radiator. Installation will require a trinary function safety switch (Page 79) and an extra long hose kit. Must be mounted in a location allowing adequate airflow to enter and exit condenser. These remote condensers include high-performance fan and ABS shroud. 14”wide x 20” long x 4” thick.