About Auto Air and Audio

I'm Todd, the owner of Auto Air and Audio and I have personally worked on cars most of my life. I have been installing aftermarket accessories for over 30 years.

Since my first job at a gas station when I was 15, I knew that cars would be my passion and focus. A job in the service department at a major dealership was next, then self-employment.

I've found that being fair, honest and respectful are the cornerstones of my business. Attention to detail and pride in the finished product keep customers coming back and referring our services.

At Auto Air and Audio we install what we sell - giving us real hands-on experience and total knowledge of the products. We know how important it is to get the correct parts right the first time. Experience isn't something you can buy off of the shelf - you have to do the work and learn proper procedures. Only then will you be able to say that you are truly an experienced technician.

I am a car guy at heart and it is my true desire to give you something that will win a trophy at the car show.